Rules of Remuneration

Placement FeesValue in Euro
standard project placement fee39,00 € 
surcharge private project25,00 € 
surcharge elite project60,00 € 
highlight-option 5,00 € 
teaser-option15,00 € 
facebook-option25,00 €

Handling of prize money payments

The handling of prize-money payments is done via A prize money back guarantee exists, i.e. in the event of failing to identify a satisfactory bid, the client may reclaim prize money from after the end of the project.

The remuneration for the winning designer for:

1. Transfer of the rights of use for a design

2. Transfer of the rights of use for a logo

3. Transfer of the rights of use for a service

4. sale of an idea for naming-projects

is calulated from the prize money mentioned in the briefing minus 15%.

Payouts to the designer

The minimum payout is 50€. The full account balance shall be paid out in each case. In order to arrange for payment, a payment request should be made on the website. The designer then receives a credit advance from Any local taxes due are to be borne by the designer.

Invoices and credit notes will be distributed electronically via e-mail.