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Find project

Find project

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Upload designs, get feedback

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Winning and file handover

Winning and file handover

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Some projects out of 178 running projects:

Packing concept for walnut, walnut, walnut

We are looking for a packaging concept for our raw product range (walnut, walnut, walnut) and strive for a long-term service contract (follow-up orders). In order to give you as little as possible

6 days 2 hours
remaining time
380 €
Prize money

Logo & amp; Business card for a catering company

1) The logo should convey a Western outlook grounded. 2) Food is prepared in a modern, factory-like, ultra-hygienic kitchen that is spotlessly clean using modern methods and machinery. Perhaps the where

6 days 13 hours
remaining time
620 €
Prize money

Webdesign for Wellnesshotel

The design should go in this direction: There is an attractive picture material, so you can also use beautiful pictures (as in the example)

7 days 4 hours
remaining time
1500 €
Prize money

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Frequently asked questions

Is it reakky free to register as a designer and participate in projects?

Yes, we do not charge you anything for the registration and participating in projects is also free.

Can other designs see my designs during a project?

No, only you and the contest holder have access to your designs.

What happens when I won a project?

You will provide the necessary files. The contest holder will confirm the files and you will get your payout.

How fast will I get my money?

Your prize money will be transfered within a few days.