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What exactly is a 1to1 project?

Through a 1to1-project clients are able to assign one specific designer to work on their design, instead of starting a design contest. This possibility is particularly suitable for follow up orders, for example after a logo-project, if the client would like to have matching business cards made by the same designer. 


What are your advantages in a 1to1-project? 

The client doesn’t have to pay the set up fee for the 1to1-project. Furthermore clients and designers, both benefit from the advantages of our platform. This includes the save payment transaction you might know from other design projects on Moreover the 1to1-project is helping designers to generate follow up orders and to built a closer relation to clients. 


How does a 1to1-project work?

The client clicks the button “request for 1to1-project” in the profile of the designer. Then the client has the option to further describe the requested service. 


After that the designer will answer with his offer including a price. Of course the price money can be discussed between designer and client without any engagement. Moreover the client can ask to get input from the designer before both agree to the assignment. To give an example, it might be very helpful for the client to see the cover page of a complex webdesign before assigning the job to a certain designer. 


If both sides agree with the price money the client can now accept the designers offer and has to pay in the budget. Only then the realization of the task starts. The designer can upload different versions of the design, from which the client can choose the most suitable. Finally the client has to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the received data. After that the credits are transferred to the of the designer.