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Combination naming and logo design

For clients who need both name and logo design, we offer a combination of both projects.

You can recognise such a package by a note in the briefing under the scope of services of the project. As usual, the first step is to find a name. Once the naming process has been successfully completed, the project is automatically converted into a logo design project. The only difference is that the name which was found in the first step is visible in the logo project.

All suggestions that were submitted in the naming process will be deleted after the naming project has been completed, but archived for reasons of evidence and can then be found in a list at the bottom of the project page. The comments from the naming process will also be deleted, as further communication will be related to the logo project.

The logo project will continue as soon as the client has agreed to its continuation. The name found will then also be visible in the briefing and in the project.

In your completed projects, you will no longer find the project among the completed naming projects, but now as a new logo project in the project list. The title of the project will also change.