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Can I use stock material in my design?

The use of stock material is generally FORBIDDEN in logo designs. This also applies to free vectors and graphics that are marked "free for commercial use" (from stock platforms such as Freepik, etc.).

All logos must be created individually for the client by you, otherwise a transfer of the rights of use to the client is not possible. 

If stock elements or third party materials are used illegally in the logo design, you are committing an infringement and we reserve the right to block your account. 


For web designs or print designs (flyer, label, cover designs, etc.), the use of stock images is generally permitted. However, you must inform the client that images are used in your design for which paid licenses must be purchased. 

Send the client the link to the stock image used in the communication, so that he knows where to purchase it and what additional costs he has to calculate for it. 

Typically, the client will purchase the high-resolution image and provide it to you after the winner is selected in the data transfer so that you can include it in the final design.