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This short briefing was written by a client:

We offer our service to private and commercial partners, who want to develope win-win oriented projects.

A project can be anything. We need the project idea, a project team and an order from our clients.

Our job is to facilitate the process in the group.

The clients are:
+ project initiators (private) or leaders (cooperations)
+ between 30 and 60 years of age
+ win win-oriented
+ from Europe, focus: German speaking
+ have sufficient budget
+ innovative
+ think in longterms
At first we need a logo.

My design ideas are formulated below.

The business to be (projectempowering) uses a simple and very effective method to make visions, dreams and projects come true. It was developed by John Croft and is linked to knowledge of chaos and system theory as well as ancient wisdom from the Australian Aboriginies.

The method signifies a playfull way to make visions and dreams come true. No dream can be too wonderful. It is the opposite: Only when every single member of the group is exited and truely touched, a project can be successful. is an easy, fast and risk-free alternative to get a professional design at an affordable price.
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