E-Book Cover 'Die Pilotenkonferenz'
Winner design of Inga

E-Book Cover 'Die Pilotenkonferenz'

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This short briefing was written by a client:

I am looking for a cover of an EBook. It's a novel, which imparts a lot of knowledge around decision making (rational, nonrational behaviour, intuition, emotions, subconscious mind...). Finally it's a business book. Main target group are therefore decision taker in business and the world of work and students of business administration, economics or psychology. In the end the book can be read by everyone who is interested without any
previous knowledge.
Two simple schematic figures, man and woman (for example http://de.fotolia.com/search?serie=53184530 or http://de.fotolia.com/search?serie=47228876) -> one figure has an active head (illustrated by symbols or something else in the head), the other one has an 'active stomach' (symbols etc. in the stomach).

Or: In order to illustrate rational thinking versus intuitive action I think of two comic figures/stickman which look at each other surprised. The figures should look likeable.
One figure has a very oversized head, angled forms, hard material; if with color than blue;
The other figure has a very oversized stomach, chubby forms, soft material and if colored then with a warm color.

Alternative: a brain and a stomach as pilot and co-pilot in a cockpit of a plane

On the cover need to appear:
Authors name: Harald Mayer
Title: Die Pilotenkonferenz
Subtitle: Warum Sie entscheiden wie Sie entscheiden - Ein Roman mit Lerneffekt

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