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Logo design

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Design briefing

What name or slogan do you want in your logo?
Describe what your company or organization does. Who is your target-audience?
Eclipse is a large, global and successful open source community with over 250 different open source projects. Over 6 million software developers use Eclipse as their IDE (tools) for building a wide variety of software and applications. Thousands of organizations use and embed Eclipse technology into their commercial software products and internal applications.

Target Audience (in priority)
Software developers
Technology leaders
Business professionals in the technology industry
This project is to update and modernize the existing Eclipse logo and word mark. The current logo was created in 2000/2001 and is widely associated with the Eclipse community and in particular the Eclipse Java IDE.

Some thoughts and guidance on what we would like to see in a new logo:

• We really want an update to the existing logo so that it looks more modern. The new logo needs to be similar enough to the existing logo such that people will still identify it represents the Eclipse community.
• It would be nice to have the logo separated from the ‘eclipse’ word mark so we have more flexibility on how it is used.
• We believe the sphere representing the Eclipse is a key component. However, the lines, starburst and shading are not critical.
• New colours can be used.
• We don’t what a whimsical or cute logo.

Where the logos will be used:
• Eclipse.org web site
• Desktop and browser icons
• Splash screens
• Clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, etc)
• Posters/Banners for trade shows
• Embedded into other logos used by Eclipse projects.
Select the styles you would like to see for your design.
pictorial trademark

pictorial trademark

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Update Eclipse logo
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