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1. Limited participation in projects

Only designers who have been registered before the project start are able to participate in projects with guaranteed price money. This is to avoid the possibility, that clients choose their own designs as winner in their projects.

2. Single steps of the project process

1. Getting draftsYour project is already open and now you have to wait for the first drafts. If you didn`t get any designs after a while you have to rethink your prize money or rework your briefing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the…

3. How do I request that my credits be transferred to my bank account?

Your credit balance can be found under “My Account” - “Transactions.” You will then see a button with the option “Request Withdrawal.” You will always be paid the full balance of your account, but a withdrawal request is only…

4. Can I eliminate submissions from my design competition?


5. How do I know when new designs have been submitted to my competition?

Under “Account details” you can choose to be notified twice a day about new project developments via email.

6. How does it work when choosing a winner for a pre-paid project?

According to the terms of use, you choose the winning design and the designer will then upload the high resolution files of your design. You will then be asked to confirm that you have received the customer data. Then the prize money will be redistributed…

7. Do I have to choose a winner at the end of a project?

You are by no means obligated to choose a winner. This decision should be made public to the designers by using the comment function though.

8. When should I pick a winner?

You can choose a winner at any time,even before the project officially ends. It is recommended to pick the winner within two weeks after the design competition ends. Designers have the right to retract their design until you choose a winner. If you have already…

9. How do I provide feedback and rate designs correctly?

Any designer who submits a design to your project deserves an honest evaluation. With our star-rating system, it is quick and easy to provide feedback. If the design does not meet your expectations at all, leave one star. If the design is close to or matches…

10. How high should I set my prize money?

Good question! The amount of prize money offered is the key to a successful project. The higher the amount, the more interested designers will be. Since the work and effort needed for different design projects varies greatly, we have created a price guideline…

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