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1. Excluding designers from a current project

If a collaboration with a designer is not working well, it’s necessary to end it. In this case you can exclude a designer from a current project. Possible reasons for this can be:There are difficulties with the communicationThe designs of the designer don’t…

2. What exactly is a 1to1 project?

Through a 1to1-project clients are able to assign one specific designer to work on their design, instead of starting a design contest. This possibility is particularly suitable for follow up orders, for example after a logo-project, if the client would like…

3. Why should I give feedback?

Your feedback helps designers to get a better feel for your ideal design. Constructive feedback is absolutely necessary for a successful project. Say what you like or dislike about the designs and make suggestions for improvement - it’s your project after…

4. What can I do if I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly?

If something seems unfair or out of line to you during a project, please contact us via ourcontact form. We will handle the issue from there.

5. What are the advantages of paying with Skrill?

For the designer:Assurance of payment receiptReceive payments in more than 200 countriesFast proceedings due to electronic remittanceFor the customer:Secure proceedings, protection against fraudDepositing of prize money until receipt of hi-res design filesFast…

6. Why are designs in some competitions hidden?

This is standard for all Pro-Projects. You can find more info about Pro-Projects in our “Help” section.

7. How do I report a project or misconduct?

Send us a message including what you find not okay in the project and we will handle the matter from there.

8. Why was my design eliminated?

If your design has been removed from a design competition it doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad, just probably not what the designer had in mind. Some customers chose to eliminate designs from the competition in order to make it more clear, and easier…

9. Why does my design competition show up in results from search machines?

When you start a standard project, you are creating a website that can be visited and indexed by search engine bots. This is useful if you want as many designers to see your project as possible. If you do not want your project to be visible in search engines…

10. I’ve chosen a winning designer but I would like to make a few changes to my design. How do I go about doing this?

Contact the design via private message, and let him or her know that you would like to make some modifications. Please keep in mind that the contract entitled you to the logo as is, and the designer has the right to charge you for additional changes. Most…

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