• 1. Project category
  • 2. Design briefing
  • 3. Project options
  • 4. Prize money
  • 5. Payment

design contests

You name your prize and write your brief. Dozens of designers will submit individual designs and you select a winner in the end.

Logo design

A logo is the foundation of your corporate design.

starting at 199 €

Corporate design package

Overall package: including logo-, business card- and stationery-design and option private project (not detectable by google).

starting at 439 €

Web design

Company-website, online-store, blog-layout, twitter-background, ebay-template, etc.

starting at 379 €

Banner ad

skyscraper, fullsize-banner, flash-banner, whole bannersets, etc.

starting at 129 €

Business card/Letter paper

The classic among the design tasks.

starting at 129 €


Smaller print-projects, leaflets, posters or the design of a print-ad

starting at 179 €


A name for your company, domain, a slogan etc.

starting at 129 €


Anything that does not fit into a category, like ideas, illustrations, banner

starting at 129 €